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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

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Make Your Hardwood Floors Shine Again

Hardwood floor cleaning is one of our most popular services. We clean all surfaces and can provide long-term protection with our Empowered Water™ and proprietary, GREEN, non-toxic cleaning agents.

Hardwood needs to be refreshed and cleaned on a regular basis. Zerorez technicians clean hardwood floors with our patented alkaline water and a microfibre cleaning tool to clean between the fine grain of your flooring. Hardwood floors will absolutely gleam after Zerorez cleans and buffs the floor with a special commercial buffer. In some cases hardwood needs to be refinished, Zerorez can recommend an expert refinishing company to do that work. But if your floors still have a good finish in place, Zerorez is your best choice for wood floor cleaning services to freshen and shine.

The advantage of Zerorez is that your wood floors will have no residue or streaking left behind because of our incredible cleaning process and Powered Water. We have years of experience making wood floors look like new and we have the reviews to show it:

"Zerorez is my only go to restoration company. They have performed miracles on my carpet and tile and wood floors. Before you replace ... call Zerorez. Daniel was so professional and cared for and respected my home. I use Zerorez annually and my place looks like new !! They are on time and my bill was what they said it would be." Jo Greinke 5-Star Google Review

Think your wood needs to be refinished? It may just need a wax strip!

Are your wood floors looking like they have a little wear on them? Thinking a Zerorez cleaning may not be enough? Let us come and take a look at your floors. We have been able to make floors look like new because of our knowledge and processes. Our Zero residue cleaning process will make sure your floors have no ugly streaking left behind. You can count on incredible clean wood floors with Zerorez, guaranteed.





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